"Valuable Information Make the Difference"
"Valuable Information Make the Difference"

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Health Legal Web, Inc. headquarters is  in Chicago, IL.

We're the first and only live informational health media firm that provides relevant and timely information on health issues as it relates to policy and legal issues via conferences.

Over the past 15 years, the President of  Health Legal Web, Inc. Ms. Jacqueline Carter has worked with legislators, served on health task forces and worked with diverse communities to increase the quality of healthcare people receive.  Our conferences are reflective of Ms. Carter's vision, commitment and experience.


Over the past 10 years, Health Legal Web, Inc. has provided health information to Employers, InterFaith Communities, Interfaith Clergy and Legislators.


Our goal is to provide the best information available that will encourage sound, effective and cost saving decisions for Health entities, Businesses and Communities that require balanced healthcare industry information.




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