"Valuable Information Make the Difference"
"Valuable Information Make the Difference"

                  Business Executives           

As a Business Executive, Ms. Carter has the experience of an extremely demanding professional lifestyle that often times lead to not having a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  There's always good intention however most time Executives put themselves last.  As a result, The Executives Healthy Lifestyle Forum is a monthly informational event that focuses on ways to encourage a Healthy Lifestyle for Executives and Business Owners.  The event is held monthly during lunchtime hour, in an online format.   


               Executives Healthy Lifestyle ForumR       

                               On Line Webinar

Attend if:  

  • CEO/President/Sr. Level Executive/Sole Proprietor

  • Corporation/LLC/Association/Non Profit

  • All Industries are Invited to participate                         


Cost:  $0.00 Complimentary to all invited Executives  


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