"Valuable Information Make the Difference"
"Valuable Information Make the Difference"

  Clergy Spouses Healthy Lifestyle                          Forum

Over the last 15 years Ms. Carter (President & CEO of Health Legal Web, Inc.) has worked closely with Clergy throughout Chicago to assist them with setting up their health ministries. We work with the Inter-Faith Community to assist in creating healthy communities.  Ms. Carter  looks at Community in a wholistic manner.  She felt that implementing a program to improve the health of the  Clergy Spouse is extremely important for healthy families.


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Health Ministries

Clergy Healthy Lifestyle Forum

Clergy Spouses Healthy Lifestyle Forum


Clergy Spouses Healthy Lifestyle ForumR       

               On Line Webinar

Participants-  Clergy Spouses from various Places of Worship.                            


Cost:  $0.00 Complimentary to all invited Clergy Spouses   



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