"Valuable Information Make the Difference"
"Valuable Information Make the Difference"

   Clergy Spouses Healthy Lifestyle                                 Forum   

The Clergy Spouses Healthy Lifestyle Forum is the most comprehensive informational event for Clergy Spouses.   Clergy Spouses are a major support system for their mates, their place of worship and their families.  As a result, Clergy Spouses endure enormous amounts of stress.  The Clergy Spouses Healthy Lifestyle Forum is an opportunity for Spouses to monthly receive information that focuses on their health and well-being.  The forums are presented in an online webinar format (access by telephone or computer) encouraging hassle free participation.


Participants-  Interfaith Senior Clergy Spouses from various Places of Worship throughout their perspective states.

Illinois-        Monthly      Click Here  

Wisconsin- Monthly      Click Here 

Minnesota- Monthly      Click Here 

Texas-          Monthly       Click Here 


Cost:  $0.00 Complimentary to all invited Clergy Spouses 

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